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Home: Solar: VOT 750 Watts Power Inverter.

VOT 750 Watts Power Inverter.


Model: 7824

  • Get power to go! Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you have to leave the necessities behind. Vot® Inverters pull direct-current power directly from your vehicle's electrical system and convert it to AC current.? Runs work lights, small appliances, TVs, gaming systems, etc.

Provides continuous-draw power, so you can do everything from charge cell phones, cameras and music players to power small appliances. Choose the power rating that best suits your needs, then connect with the cables and go!

Turn the juice loose:

  • Easy connection with universal cabling
  • Several power ratings available to suit a variety of uses
  • High-surge capacity
  • AC and USB power outlets
  • Built-in protection for low / high voltage, temperature, short circuit and overload
  • LED power indicator.

Includes 39" cables, USB port. 3 lbs., 10 ozs.

TWO Plugins For Household Current & One USB

• Continuous Power Output Power 750 WATTS
• Input Voltage                     12.8 Volts
• Output voltage                  115V / 60Hz
• Fuse                                 25A/*4
• Output Wave Form          Modified Sine Wave
• USB Port                          5V DC, 500 mA

Converts 12V DC Power To 110V AC Household Electrical Power

Use For Travel, Camping, Cars, Vans, SUVs, Boats And Recreational Vehicles. Ideal For Laptop Computers, Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod,Video Games Portable CD Or Mp3 Players, TVs, Small Appliances And Power Tools.

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