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Solar Charge Controller BC2415 15A

Solar Charge Controller BC2430 30A


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Solar Charge Controller BC2415 15A

Size: 134*100*31 mm

Weight: 280g

The charge controller will prevent battery overcharge and discharge at night.

Designed for medium sized solar photovoltaic system, the BC2415 solar charge controllers adopts the latest and most advanced technology to fulfill overcharge and over-discharge protection. Through Pulse Wide-frequency Modulation, overcharge protection ensures rapid and stable charging for batteries. BC2415 15A  series charge controllers apply to all types of photoelectric panels and various types of batteries, MCU (Micro-Processing Controller) has PMW Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency) 0~100% variable duty cycle process

The charge controller will prevent battery overcharge and discharge at night. Maintenance Free Protection of your Solar Panel and Batteries. Maintains Battery Voltage and Maintains Batteries in a Fully Charged State:

  • Charge controller battery overcharge protection.
  • Handles up to 15 Amps of Array Current (about 270 Watts of Solar power)
  • Charges 12V or 24V batteries.
  • Works with RV's, boats and ideal for remote & back up power.
  • Plugs into 12V DC plug or directly to the battery.


User's Manual


  1. CPU control, LCD display
  2. Automatic recognition of input voltage
  3. Applying with various types of durable batteries
  4. Micro processing controller Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency PWM charge
  5. Setting the voltage of low voltage cut-off/resuming connection of the DC output of the load port
  6. Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation
  7. Protective circuit of PV from reverse-charging.
  8. Overloading protection
  9. Overcharge protection
  10. Short circuit protection
  11. The temperature compensate
  12. Reverse polarity connection protection
  13. Converse discharge protection
  14. Thunder protection
  15. Low voltage protection
BC2415 6A
BC2415 10A
BC2415 15A
Rated Voltage
12V / 24V   Automatic voltage recognition
Max Load current
Input voltage range
12V-17V / 24V-34V
Length≤1m  Charge loop drop
Length≤1m Discharge loop drop
Over voltage protection
17V / 34V
Full charge cut
13.7V / 27.4V
Low voltage cut
10.5~11V / 21V~22V
Temperature compensation
No load loss
Max wire area
Ambient temperature
-25+55 C

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