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Home > Dishes > Toroidal Dishes > T90

90CM Multi-Feed Toroidal Ku Dish Antenna

Wave Frontier T90-US

Wave Frontier T90 90CM Multi-Feed Toroidal Ku Dish Antenna

Toroidal 90 Package includes:
  • 5 units of LNBF Holders
  • Pole Mount Installation Kit
  • 3 units of M20R LNBF (with T90P pkg only)
  • Coaxial wires and switches to connect LNBFs are not included and sold separately.
  • Why Toroidal? Click Here!

Each antenna kit comes with 5 LNBF holders and a complete pole mount installation kit.


  Toroidal 90

  Main reflector


96.7 cm (38.1 in.)


108.6 cm (42.8 in.)

  Sub reflector


36.1 cm (14.2 in.)


83.6 cm (32.9 in.)

  Net Weight

14.1 kg (31.0 lbs)

  Individual Package Box Size

116x103x21 cm

(45x40x8 inches)

  Individual Package Gross Weight23 kg (50 lbs)

  Operating Frequency

10.70 - 12.75 GHz


Linear & Circular

  Multi Satellite Range in arc

40 degrees in arc

  Mid Band Gain @ 12.5 GHz

39.65 dB (± 0.45 dB)

  Recommended Satellite Spacing

3 degrees


65 ~ 80 %

  Reflector Material

Galvanized Steel with Polyester Powder Coating

  Mount Type

Elevation over Azimuth

  Pole Diameter

2 3/8"

  Operational Temperature

-30°C to +60°C

(-22F to 140F)

  Relative Humidity

0 – 90 %



80 km/h (50 mph)


200 km/h (125 mph)

  LNBF Installation

1 – 16 LNBFs


Installation Manual


Wave Frontier T90 Installation Manual

Page 1

Wave Frontier T90 Installation Manual

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10


Size comparison between T90 and T55 shipping boxes

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Gift Reminder

90CM Multi-Feed Toroidal Ku Dish Antenna

Wave Frontier T90-US

No Longer in Stock

90CM Multi-Feed Toroidal Ku Dish Antenna

Wave Frontier T90P-US

(includes 3 units of Reversed DBS LNBF DSL2R)

No Longer in Stock

We only have Reversred polarity LNBFs in stock DSL2R

Antenna Replacement Parts

FSKUv_small.jpg (100x84 -- 5975 bytes)

Fortec Star Universal Single

Ku 0.4 dB LNBF FSKU-v 

Single Output Reversed DBS LNBF M10R

Dual Output Reversed DBS LNBF M20R

Installation Signal Meters

Extra LNBF Holder H90

S-DS41 4-Way DiSEqC Switch

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