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VuQube V10 Mobile Antenna

Vu Qube V10


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Your truck or RV is your home on the road. With the Vu Qube Mobile Satellite TV Antenna your truck or RV will feel more like home and less like you are on the road. The Vu Qube enables you to receive satellite programming anywhere you park with a clear view of the southern sky, opening up hundreds of digital TV channels and radio stations.


  • First mobile satellite antenna built for trucks
  • Mounting systems to fit most trucks
  • Designed to enable rapid acquisition of signal when truck is parked
  • Innovative strength with a small foot-print


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Spec Sheet for Vu Cube V10 & V20

The Vu Qube works great with any satellite TV option - including DISH Network®, DIRECTV®, and Bell ExpressVu receivers. It does not work with StarChoice.

Vu Qube V10

The Vu Qube V10 price and ease of installation make it a perfect choice for the long-haul trucker. Using the Vu Qube Five Step Satellite Find, and FastFind Remote you will be locked on and receiving digital programming within minutes of turning on your satellite receiver and TV.


  • Cost-effective
  • Single coaxial cable install
  • Fast satellite signal acquisition
  • User-friendly wireless remote

Components Overview

Included with purchase of the Vu Qube

  • Vu Qube Satellite Antenna System
  • Remote to position antenna
  • Wiring and cables

Additional equipment needed to watch TV

  • Subscription to service provider (i.e. DISH Network, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu)
  • Satellite TV receiver
  • Television


The rugged, user-friendly and price conscious design make the Vu Qube Mobile Satellite TV Antenna the perfect choice for professional long-haul drivers and fleets.

Priced for your bottom-line

With multiple models and the low-cost Vu Qube V10, the Vu Qube provides the best value of any mobile satellite antenna on the market. The Vu Qube offers access to great entertainment and important information at a price that keeps the bottom line in mind.

Specifically designed for trucks

The side-mount and detachable temporary mounting options make the installation on trucks simple and straightforward.


Much like the Qualcomm, and unlike any other Mobile Satellite Antenna, the Vu Qube mounts to the back of the cab rather than on top. The Vu Qube and bracket fit behind the top and side faring - making it easy to install and possible to mount to all types of trucks regardless of the shape. In addition, we offer the option for a non-permanent window mount that takes minutes to install once you reach your destination.


For those of you who switch trucks or simply do not want to put a hole in your rig, we will be offering non-permanent mounting brackets - both for the mirror and for the window. The brackets are designed to fit most any truck, making it easy and fast to set-up to watch satellite TV and take-down when you head back on the road. Watch for these exciting innovations to be available soon!

Drive time to show time in no time

The Vu Qube is simple to use following a Five Step Satellite Find. Once you turn on the satellite receiver and TV you can be watching digital TV or listening to digital radio in minutes. To switch between satellites is just as simple using the same procedure.

  1. Navigate to Signal Meter Screen with receiver remote.
  2. Enter location with receiver remote.
  3. Position antenna to elevation shown on Signal Meter Screen with Vu Qube remote.
  4. Rotate antenna with Vu Qube remote until signal appears on Signal Meter Screen.
  5. Fine tune and maximize signal strength with Vu Qube remote using all 4 arrows.

VuQube has a single out-put. What this means is that you need to use a SINGLE TUNER receiver. For DISH Network we recommend the 301 or 311 receivers. For DIRECTV, we recommend the D11 or D12 receivers.

HDTV. The VuQube CAN receive HD signal with DISH Network. The VuQube CANNOT receive HD signal with DIRECTV. We are busy working on updating the VuQube to receive the new Ka band HD signal from DIRECTV but not there yet. So, what this means is that if you have DIRECTV you will not be able to receive your HD programming.

Multiple Satellite Programming . The VuQube can be used with programming on multiple satellites but it is very important to know that the VuQube “locks-on” to one satellite signal at a time. For multiple satellite programming like DISH 500, you will need to switch between satellites to receive all of your programming. This is easily accomplished following the user instructions but has been reported back by some customers to be a bit slow at times. We are working on improving this interface, but if you have DISH 500 or DISH 1000, switching between satellites will currently take some patience. Remember you can always call us for help!


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