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SatHawk 4000 Digital Satellite Signal Meter with Positive Satellite ID F/W version 1.2.2  DISCONTINUED

New SatHawk 4000 SatHawk 4000 Digital Satellite Signal Meter with Positive Satellite ID

What is included in the box:

OUT OF STOCK - Replaced by SatHawk 5000

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Works with:

  • Dish Network (including Dish 1000 and 1000.2 ) *

  • DirecTV *

  • HughesNet

  • Most KU-band

  • Most C-Band



Using the successful ergonomic profile, this new meter has been crammed with new features:

  • High and low signal strength sensitivity ranges

  • Streamlined menu system

  • Use of the meter while charging

  • Switching mode power supply

  • Adjustable power off time

  • LNB function test from the meter

  • Super fast dataset selection

  • USB data transfer interface for updating firmware and datafiles. (Uses a standard USB Data Transfer Cable - not included)

The latest and greatest from England. Positive confirmation of Satellite. Holds up to 120 satellites in its memory! Never gives a false identification. Have the option of vertical and horizontal transponders listed separately. Standard or Universal LNBs. Powerful battery pack will support DISHProPlus lnbs! Datafiles categorized for easy listings. It even has an lnb test function. Will also operate right off the charger. Great for HughesNet, WildBlue, DISH, DirectTV, FTA all KU and C-band systems. This meter is absolutely for the professional who needs lots of versatility!


Using SatHawk 4000 ensures fast and accurate installation, and this means higher work rates and greater customer satisfaction. The tool is future-proof as the data used can be re-programmed to reflect changes made by broadcasters to existing services, and their provision of new ones.


This portable satellite meter is used for identification of satellite broadcasts throughout the world. The satellite meter is essential equipment where precise satellite identification is crucial - especially true in digital (DVB/DSS) transmission set-up in both the C band and Ku band ranges. Using this satellite meter, with easy adjustment and calibration, the local installer can perform more accurate dish alignment quickly leading to fewer call-backs.


This meter is programmable, user friendly and ideal for installation of VSAT, internet-over-satellite systems as well as the digital satellite TV. Analyzing the data stream the satellite meter gives you precise identification of the satellite desired and ignores any others in the arc.

Offering DiSEqC compatibility, positive satellite identification, and pinpoint accuracy. All-new digital satellite meter! used by professionals to make the installation of DBS satellite antennas and VSAT antennas much easier and faster.

Quick, Accurate, and Cost-effective Installations


Standard USB cable required to transfer data between SatHawk 4000 meter and PC.  Cable not included with meter

Standard USB cable required to transfer data between SatHawk 4000 meter and PC. 

Cable not included with meter

The meter is supplied with a shock absorbent ABS case to help protect it from the elements and any unavoidable knocks and bumps in the field. The yellow case has an ergonomically angled screen that maximizes visibility and enables hands-free use when the strap is worn.  The meter is operated using a three button control panel and the vital tasks can be completed with one hand.

Information is shown on a four line, LCD panel, giving readings of both Signal Strength and Picture Quality (BER) together. On this model the BER can be shown as an exact number or as a bar graph that shows rise and fall. Other main features are:

  • Easy selection and identification of chosen satellite

  • Compatible with all transmissions: Ku and C band DVB and DSS

  • Can be calibrated to suit local BER & Signal Strength conditions

  • Four line display of the vital information. 

  • Picture quality measurement to maximize the accuracy of both cross-polarity and pointing accuracy.

  • Removable NiMH high-capacity battery

  • Recharge in the field using car lighter adapter.

  • LNB short circuit protection

  • LNB power supply

  • Shock absorbing ABS protective body

  • Field replaceable F connector

  • Control of 22kHz and DiSEqC-type switches (software controlled only - not user controlled)

  • Simple use with a Six-button control panel.

  • Robust and lightweight. The unit weighs less than one kilo (2.2 lbs)

RF Parameters

  • Input signal frequency 950MHz~2050MHz

  • Input digital signal level -65 dBm~25dBm

  • LNB service voltage 13V / 18V

  • LNB 22KHz switch ON/OFF

Satellite digital receiver parameters

  • Reception standard DVB-DSS

  • Modulation standard QPSK

  • Symbol rate 3~40

  • LNB polarization voltage control 13V/18V (Short-circuit self-protection)

  • LNB 22KHz control ON/OFF

  • LCD parameters

  • Screen size 66.5mm-25mm

Power consumption

  • Whole power consumption 600mhA

Power adapter parameters

  • Power service voltage AC 120V~240V

  • Power frequency 50-60 Hz

  • Output voltage DC12V

  • Output current 400mhA

  • Adapter dimensions 80-50-80

  • Adapter weight 280gms

Operating conditions

  • Operating temperature 0C~80C

  • Relative humidity 10%~90%

  • Atmosphere pressure 86Kpa~106Kpa

  • Dimensions 208-86-56

* Dish Network shares the same satellite data on multiple satellites.  In addition to the meter, you have to check your azimuth to make sure you are pointing at the right direction.


SatHawk Meters are manufactured by

Lacuna Systems LTD. of the UK


Lacuna Systems LTD. of the UK


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Korean Channels 한국
Chinese Channels 中国版
Mexican and Spanish Channels


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