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Home > HH Motors > SM3D12

Model: SM3D12



The Satcontrol SM3D12 is a powerful motor designed for rotating a satellite dish.  The satellite receiver has full automatic control using the DiSEqC 1.2, DiSEqC 1.3 and "Go To X" commands to operate this motor.


Once the satellite positions have been programmed in the system, the motor returns the dish to exactly the correct location when you switch channels.


Made in Slovenia, Europe


The principal of a motorized system is that the dish moves from east to west to track the satellites positioned along the Clarke belt.  It utilizes a data stream passed up the LNB co-axial lead to the mount. Only one co-axial cable (the one that goes to the LNBF) is needed for installation.

Since the shaft size is 1 5/8", you will be able to use both Pole-mount and U-bolt type dishes with this motor.  The shaft has 2 cross through holes to allow you to mount the dish securely.


See more sample installation pictures

This motor will work with the following dishes amongst others:

  • Fortec Star 80U, 80P dishes

  • Fortec Star 90U, 90P dishes

  • All Winegard, KTI, Patriot, and Hotdish KU band dishes within the size limits below.

Technical data:

Operating protocolDiSEqC TM 1.2/2.2 compatible level and the 'GoToX' function
Horizontal Rotation95 (99 max.)
Inclination (motor elevation)75
Maximum antenna diameter 120 cm Aluminum or 95 cm Steel
Programmable positions available 50 satellites
Maximum antenna mass gravity point12 kg (27 lbs), when rotating the dish around the centre-of gravity
Antenna support length 120 mm
Bent motor pole diameter 40 mm ( 1 5/8" )
Rotation speed (unloaded) 2.5/s (H-18V) 2/s (V-14V) 25%
Rotation speed (with a 80-cm dish)   2.3/s (H-18V) 1.7/s (V-14V) 25%
Powered via a coaxial cable 14 / 18 VDC
Power consumption in stand-by mode 15 mA 25%
Power consumption in operating mode (with a 80-cm dish) 95-150 mA 25%
Starting movement consumption (80 ms) 350 mA
Operating temperature  -25C to +70C
Operating humidity 35% to 100%
Connectors F type7 mm
Connection  coaxial cable with an impedance of 75 F
Connection cable up to 30 m inner conductor CU 1.02 mm R=22 F/km
Connection cable up to 100m inner conductor CU 1.13 mm R=18 F/km
EAST-WEST limits   hardware fixed, no programmable limit
Fine tuning step  0.36
Weight with box  2.7 kg (6 lbs)
Maximum permissible wind speed for a 80-cm/120-cm dish 140 km/h/80 km/h (km per hour)
Maximum permissible torque during rotation15 Nm
Maximum permissible torque on idle 150 Nm
Control buttons    two (west-call and east-store)
Dimensions of packed into box  295 (L) x 132 (W) x 155 (H) mm
Lifetime min.   50,000 cycles over 180 (90E + 90W)

Owner's Manual * PDF Document 2.7MB

No extra lines needed.  HH Motor gets its power and signal from the

same RG6 coaxial cable going to the LNBF.



  • Installation involves setting up your mount to track the satellites along the Clarke belt east to west.

  • Incorrect alignment usually results in the mount only tracking part of the arc and only a few of the available satellites being received.

  • HH motor mount general installation instructions!

NOTE: Tighten all the coaxial cable connections only by hand. Using a wrench may over-tighten the connections, causing damage. Such damage is not covered by the Limited warranty.

Click picture for Satcontrol motor spare parts

Click picture for spare parts




Do I need a separate power line to connect to the HH Motor?

No.  The motor gets its power from the receiver using the same coaxial cable running from the receiver to the LNBF on the dish.  You simply disconnect the cable from the LNBF.  Connect it to the HH Motor.  Then run a short coaxial cable between the motor and the LNBF.  You are set.


How do I control the motor to move it East / West?

The motor is controlled by the receiver's remote control.  All receivers compliant with the DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, or USALS protocol have the capability to run an HH motor.  Once you initially setup the motor on the satellite arc and store the locations of the satellites, you will be able to move between satellites by simply changing the channel.


Does the motor also adjust for variation in elevation on the dish for each satellite?

Yes it does.


Do I need to skew the LNBF on a motorized dish?

No you don't.  Just set the skew at 0 and the motor will tilt the whole dish when it moves.


What is the benefit from motorizing my dish?

Well, by adding a motor to your system you will be able to receive satellite channels from several satellites instead from one only.  That way you will gain many more channels economically without investing in many dishes and switches.


Where can I find out what channels are available free to air?

There are many free to air channels available in North America on satellites such as Galaxy 10R, AMC4, Telstar 5, AMC3, etc. There are channels from the USA and from around the world. See for a complete listing of what is available. Anything with an
 F  designation is FREE TO AIR.

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