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Super UHF, VHF, FM Combo HDTV Antenna

With Super Strong Design


Product Features:

  • Strong performance across AM, FM, VHF, UHF
  • Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size
  • Designed to resist extreme wind loading
  • Works great in attics
  • Fits easily & high gain can help overcome loss from roofing materials.
  • All weather Balun included
  • Great within 80 miles or more from transmitters
  • Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters
  • Excellent reception for digital terrestrial
  • Suitable for HDTV of various television standards, such as American ATSC, European DVB, etc.
  • Provides local broadcast signal reception of television signals
  • 4 SKUs meet different reception needs due to distance and terrain-suburban, near fringe and fringe applications.
  • Each includes a 200 ohm to 75ohm transformer
  • Incorporates snap-lock elements and a heavy duty locking mast mechanism
  • Pre-assembled for quick installation
  • Super strong design suitable for all kind the weather



  • No. of elements: 15
  • Band?1, 2, 3, 4
  • Radio Channels: FM, IS
  • VHF Channels?1-2, 6-12,
  • UHF Channels: Ch. 21-69
  • Forward Gain?6dB
  • VHF Front-back ratio?6-13dB
  • UHF Front-back ratio?20dB
  • Antenna Width?2800mm
  • Antenna Length?1480mm

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ABC HD TV Station CBS HD TV Station FOX HD TV Station ION Life HD TV Station NBC  HD TV Station PBS  HD TV Station PBS Kids  HD TV Station RTV  HD TV Station THE CW  HD TV Station Univision  HD TV Station Telemundo  HD TV Station

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An off air HD antenna is not any special kind of antenna. It is just a normal type of aerial for VHF or UHF reception. The digital data is transmitted from the station either on UHF or VHF frequency band and is received by the antenna. Today the HDTV channels are mostly broadcasted on the UHF band.

The best off air HD antenna for you setup depends on the distance, directions, transmitter's power, height of the transmitter, type of terrain between your antenna and transmitter, buildings and the transmission path. These factors contribute to the strength or weakness of the signals that you receive. A good choice antenna will be an outdoor VHF/UHF antenna with a good size. If the transmission path is not obstructed then a multidirectional antenna works well and in case of building, trees you require a directional antenna. In case of great distances or placing the outdoor antenna in the attic you will have to use a preamplifier as well.

Over-the-air HDTV is the best you can get
Off air HD antenna is the best way to catch the high resolution quality audio and video. There are many benefits related to off air reception. HD off air antenna reception produces best picture quality because there is no compression in screen resolution and audio. Almost 99% of the people can receive one digital station and 89% can receive 5 stations in the cities. In case someone lives in a large city he will be able to pull in many digital stations with his off air HD antenna for free.

The antenna is engineered to receive local HDTV channels, with an operating bandwidth covering either the VHF (channels 2 to 13) or UHF (channels 14 to 69) frequency ranges or both (see specifications above).

Make it a Bundle by adding the following:

144835 Universal Dish Roof / Wall Mount (Dish 500+/1000+ Mast Kit (Mast/Foot/Strut):
UnivMount IV  Universal Dish Roof / Wall Mount
  • 2" Diameter Tube
  • Use it on your Patio / Deck / Wall / or Roof
  • It can handle the slanted roof and should produce a plumb pole.
  • Level Bubble included.
  • Hole spacing in the base is 3.75" x 6" between centers.
  • 23.5" High and 15" from wall
  • Base is 6" x 8 3/4"


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DS-3000 38 Inch J-Mount for DBS Satellite Dish / Outdoor TV Antenna (DS3000)

  • Gray Color
  • 1 5/8" Outside Diameter Pipe
  • Wall thickness is 0.060"
  • Use mount foot on either end of pipe
  • Designed for outdoor antennas
  • Galvanized steel
  • 38" Long
  • Use on side of house or roof


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Pico Macom TRU SPEC 11-15 dB Sloped UHF-VHF-FM Distribution Amp
TA-15 Pico Macom TRU SPEC (11-15 dB) Sloped UHF-VHF-FM Distribution Amp


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S-8431D Sadoun Satellite / CATV Signal S-8431D Sadoun Satellite / CATV Signal
  • 4-Way splitter allows you to connect up to 4 TVs to one Antenna
  • 5 to 2400 MHz
  • High Frequency
  • One port DC pass for the amplifier power passing
  • Heavy duty housing
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50FT RG6 Coaxial Cable
50FT High Performance RG6 Coaxial Cable. You can select more cable in the shopping cart if you wish.
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