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DiSEqC  Compatible MOTOR

Sadoun PowerTech DG240

Sadoun PowerTech DG240

No longer available.

Get the DG280 instead

This is one of the best motors in its class.  Brand new design and full of features. 

With a motorized system the dish moves from east to west to track the satellites positioned along the Clarke belt.  Good for any offset dish with a U-bolt or Pole mounting up to 120 cm Aluminum or 95 cm Steel. This motor will fit a Winegard 30" dish.

  • Plastic Mounts & Gears Inside

  • Manual Backlash (Slack) Adjustment

  • For up to 90 cm Steel dish (Max 27lbs).

  • Medium duty construction & precise technology.

  • +/- 80 Azimuth Rotation angle.

  • 42MM (1 5/8") Shaft

  • DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3,  USALS or "Goto X"

  • Software Limit Protection

Works with all DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3,  Goto X compliant receivers. It utilizes a data stream passed up the LNB co-axial lead to the mount. Only one co-axial cable is needed for installation.

SG240 gearing Backlash Adjustment Screws

Backlash adjustment screws are a feature of this motor.

Sadoun PowerTech DG240 SG240 gearing SG240 PCB BoardSG240 Worm Gear and MotorSG240 gearing



  • Special design for any receiver with DiSEqC 1.2 control

  • Does NOT require a receiver with built-in Positioner.

  • Only one coaxial cable control

  • Go to X function

  • High efficiency

  • Compact structure

  • Ultra low noise

  • Adjustable hardware limits

  • Easy installation with LED Indicator

  • Manual EAST / WEST button

  • For any dish up to 90cm (LESS THAN 27 LBS)

  • Works with the Fortec Star 31" dish and all other dishes like the Winegard, KTI, Patriot, and off brands.

  • Mounts on Pole Size up to 2.5"

  • Standard Shaft Size: 1 5/8" (42mm) Small shaft diameter to fit most dishes.

  • Optional Shaft Size:  2" (50mm) Shaft to Fit Bigger dishes with U-Bolt brackets.

  • User's Manual (pdf)

Installation Help

Protocol  DiSEqC 1.2 & Goto X
Compatible Receiver DiSEqC 1.2, USALS or Interface Box
Antenna Size 90 cm Max. (27lbs)
Speed  1.9 / sec (at 13V) ; 2.5 / sec (at 18V)
Azimuth Angle  80 East ~ 80 West ( 160 )
Elevation Angle  25~75
Input Voltage  13 / 18Vdc
Output Voltage  13 / 18Vdc
Power Consumption 50 mA (Standby)
  200mA (Normal)
  350mA (Max.)
Satellite Positions  60 positions
Calibration Function  Yes ( Go to 0)
Manual East/West Buttons  Yes (Build-in on the bottom of the Mount)
Limit Protection  1.Fixed type with micro switches
  2.Programmable Software Limit
  3.Current Limit
Positioning Sensor  High Resolution Hall Effect Sensor
Connector F-Type
Weight ( Mount )  3.1 Kg (Net) / 3.5 Kg (Gross) (~ 8 lbs)
Dimension ( Mount )  345 x 168 x 110 mm3 (Gross)



Worm Gear and Motor

DG240 replacement gear motor


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SG240 PCB Board

DG240 replacement IC board


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SG240 gearing

DG240 replacement Gear (only the white gear in the picture, no casing or shaft included)


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4 DG240 50mm Replacement Tube: Use this tube if you are going to use a big dish over 95cm.



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Warranty: 1 year manufacturer's warranty serviced by us.  We service Sadoun PowerTech motor that has our sticker on it and with dated receipt.

NOTE: Tighten all the coaxial cable connections only by hand. Using a wrench may over-tighten the connections, causing damage. Such damage is not covered by the Limited warranty.

This motor will work with the following dishes amongst others:




Do I need a separate power line to connect to the HH Motor?

No.  The motor gets its power from the receiver using the same coaxial cable running from the receiver to the LNBF on the dish.  You simply disconnect the cable from the LNBF.  Connect it to the HH Motor.  Then run a short coaxial cable between the motor and the LNBF.  Make sure to turn the receiver OFF whenever you disconnect or connect the coaxial cable to the motor or LNBF.  Use the Power ON/OFF switch on the back of the receiver.


How do I control the motor to move it East / West?

The motor is controlled by the receiver's remote control.  All receivers compliant with the DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, or USALS protocol have the capability to run an HH motor.  Once you initially setup the motor on the satellite arc and store the locations of the satellites, you will be able to move between satellites by simply changing the channel.


Does the motor also adjust for variation in elevation on the dish for each satellite?

Yes it does.


Do I need to skew the LNBF on a motorized dish?

No you don't.  Just set the skew at 0 and the motor will tilt the whole dish when it moves.


What could cause a HH motor not to operate properly?

Problem Possible Cause Solution
Motor is not moving at all.
  1. Coax is not connected correctly to motor or receiver
  2. Cable is too long over 75ft
  3. There is a bad connector or short in connector
  4. Motor needs to be reset to 0 positioned
  1. Make sure coax is connected to the IF input on receiver side and the REC input on Motor side. Make sure to turn the receiver OFF whenever you disconnect or connect the coaxial cable to the motor or LNBF.  Use the Power ON/OFF switch on the back of the receiver.
  2. Use solid copper core RG6 coaxial cable. In some cases, it is best to use RG11 coaxial cable for longer runs.
  3. Inspect all connectors for any wires touching the center core causing a short. Also, bad quality connectors may rust or cause moisture to get in.  You should protect all outdoor connectors from any moisture
  4. On Positioner menu in your receiver, select DiSEqC 1.2 Then select "reference position" or in some receivers it is called 0-position.  The motor will move to 0-position and reset.  In the case of Satcontrol motor, it will move all the way to East then move to 0-position.
Motor not tracking Clarke Belt (satellite ARC) correctly.
  1. Pole is not 100% plumb
  2. Motor is not set correctly at Latitude value to your location
  3. Motor is off alignment to TRUE South
  4. Dish is not aligned on center line with motor as shown in picture 5 above
  5. Dish elevation is off
  1. Make sure that the pole where the motor is mounted on is plum at 90 degrees. Any leaning of the mast one direction or another will cause  the motor not to track the ARC correctly.
  2. Find your correct Latitude value for your zip code here, then adjust the motor elevation accordingly.
  3. Find your TRUE SOUTH value from map below. Use a good compass to aim your motor/dish assembly to correct direction. True South for Chicago is 184, for San Francisco is 165
  4. Make every effort to align dish, lnbf arm, and motor on the same straight line.
  5. Start by setting dish elevation to calculated value.  Adjust dish elevation Up or Down from calculated value no more than one degree at a time.
Motor is not able to move back from farthest East or West towards the center.
  1. Dish might be too heavy for the motor to handle.
  1. Make sure you use proper size dish with your motor. Heavier dishes will cause much strain on the motor and eventually it may damage the internal gears of the motor or burn the motor. Such damage is not covered by any warranty.
DiSEqC Switches If you are going to use an HH Motor and a DiSEqC switch, we recommend you position the DiSEqC switch after the Motor as follows:

Receiver ----- HH Motor ----- DiSEQC switch ----  LNBFs 

If you place the DiSEqC switch between the Receiver and the HH Motor, it will impact the performance and operation of the HH Motor.


Other problem not listed here. See users forum and post your question there: Sadoun HH Motor Forums


What is the benefit from motorizing my dish?

Well, by adding a motor to your system you will be able to receive satellite channels from several satellites instead from one only.  That way you will gain many more channels economically without investing in many dishes and switches.


Where can I find out what channels are available free to air?

There are many free to air channels available in North America on satellites such as Galaxy 10R, AMC4, Telstar 5, AMC3, etc. There are channels from the USA and from around the world. See for a complete listing of what is available. Anything with an  F  designation is FREE TO AIR.

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