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Satlook Digital - NIT B/W Spectrum Analyzer



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With the SATLOOK Digital NIT -instrument it's easy to find, identify and maximize satellite signal.



The Satlook Digital is a Swedish made Sat-TV Instrument and Spectrum-Analyzer. The unit is made for exact alignment and adjustment of Satellite Dishes. It is intended for professional use when high accuracy and precise information are needed.


It's easily operated without a lot of unnecessary buttons and knobs. The basic functions are easy to get a hold on and takes only minutes to learn. This instrument is provided with a 4.5" B/W-monitor which either shows normal Sat-TV channel, the frequency spectrum 920-2150 MHz (or parts thereof) alt. Digital data. Menus/help-displays are shown on the LCD-screen (64x128) beside the monitor.

Analog Sat-TV channels can be tuned in and viewed upon (Multistandard Video PAL, NTSC and SECAM). Audio frequencies between 5.5-8.5 MHz can be listened to. The Spectrum can be extended (zoom in) for correct adjustment for the polarization ("cross-polarization"). The instrument has very high resolution and accuracy. It presents measured data _+2 dB (at around 20 C.)

SATLOOK Digital presents, under one of the sub menus. digital information like BER (bit error rate), constellation diagram (QPSK) and S/N (Signal/Noise Ratio). Satlook Digital can be handle a lot of memory-positions and both spectrum-pictures and certain frequencies can be saved (both analog and digital transponders).

The polarization of the LNB is switchable 13V/18V and Hi-Lo Band with 22 KHz-tone. The DISEQC-function controls all DISEQC-accessories (like switches, LNB's and actuators). The power of the instrument is supplies by a built in and rechargeable battery. Even though the instrument has lot of functions it is still very light and flexible.


  • Input Frequency:   920-2150MHz (easily reduced to 250MHz max zoom in)

  • Frequency Display: L.O. can be setup. Yes, IF default. All standard LNB

  • Min. Level in:         About 35 dBuV (noise).

  • Max Level in:         About 90 dBuV.

  • Attenuation:          15 dB attenuator on/off.

  • Display of signal level: (analogue) dB on LCD/monitor. Pitch-tone.

  • Display of signal level: (Digital) S/N (signal/noise-ratio) BER (bit error rate) Constellation (QPSK)

  • TV/Audio standard: Multi TV/Audio (PAL, NTSC, SECAM).

  • KU- C-band: Yes, selectable.

  • Audio bandwidth :    Adjustable between 5.5 MHz and 8.5 MHz

  • Input impedance:    75 Ohm, BNC-con.

  • Picture-screen:       4.5"-monitor, B/W

  • Menus:                  On LCD 64x128.

  • Memory:                100 spectrum pictures can be stored with name. Stored spectrum can be mixed for easy identification of satellite.-"Max hold" function.

  • Favorite channels: Both analogue and digital frequencies can be stored (with name). Simultaneous measuring of up to 10 channels at the same time. Each channel with individual setup of 13/18v and 22 kHz on/off.

  • PC-connection: Yes, RS232-output

  • Power out: Yes, 13-18V

  • 22 kHz tone: Yes, on/off.

  • DiSEqC: Yes, all 1.0 and 1.1. Also Tone burst on/off.

  • DiSEqC actuator: Built in positioner for DiSEqC 1.2, SatScan and SatSelect.

  • Battery: Rechargeable 12V, 3.5 amp/hour.

  • Operational: About 1 hour on a fully charged battery.

  • Weight: About 5 kg (11 lbs)  including battery.

  • Accessories: Nylon carrying-case.

  • Power-supply: 100-240V/50/60Hz   13.5V,1.7 Amp.

  • Car-charger.

  • BNC/F-adapter

  • OWNER'S manual

  • Flyer

Satlook Digital - NIT Spectrum Analyzer


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