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FORTEC STAR LifeTime ULTRA Digital FTA Satellite Receiver


FORTEC STAR LifeTime & ULTRA Digital FTA Satellite Receiver        



 Print these instructions for your reference


Dish Alignment Quick Start:


Free To Air Stationary Satellite Systems Stationary Dish Instructions:

  1. Assemble your dish.

  2. Mount your dish on its mast.  Make sure mast is 100% vertical and solid.

  3. Calculate your Azimuth, Elevation, and LNBF Skew for your location here!  Make sure you compensate for magnetic deviation.

  4. Turn your dish towards the correct Azimuth and hand tighten screws.

  5. Adjust dish Elevation to correct value and hand tighten screws.

  6. Mount your LNBF on your dish and tilt the LNBF to compensate for polarization skew.  For example, if you are aiming the dish at IA5 97W:  

    • In Columbus, OH: LNBF should be turned 16 degrees counter clockwise when facing the dish.

    • Los Angeles:  30 degrees clockwise

    • New York:  30 degrees counter-clockwise

  7. Connect your receiver to the LNBF using RG6 coaxial cable.  Make sure the receiver is "OFF" when you do that.

  8. Turn your receiver "ON"

Motorized Dish Instructions:

  1. Assemble your dish.

  2. Install your LNBF on your dish.  Do not tilt or skew the LNBF

  3. Find your Latitude and Longitude here:

     Enter your city or zip code below and hit "Search"

       City:   State (optional):   or a 5-digit zip code:

  4. Follow the instructions on how to setup your motorized system found here.

Receiver Quick Start:

FORTEC STAR LifeTime ULTRA installation menu FORTEC STAR LifeTime ULTRA installation menu FORTEC STAR LifeTime ULTRA installation menu


  1. Select the language you wish to use by highlighting it and pressing OK.

  2. Press right volume arrow to go to "Installation".

  3. Click "OK" on the Antenna Setup option.

  4. Select the satellite you are tuning into by highlighting it and pressing OK (For example IA5/Ku, or G10R).

  5. If you are using a Fortec Star LNBF and a Fortec Star dish, DO NOT change any of the default settings for the satellite. Just leave the default settings as follows:

    • LNB Type: UNIVERSAL1 (Keep this default value if you are using a Fortec Star LNBF.  Otherwise, select STANDARD if you are using a standard LNBF)

    • LNB Loc. Freq:  9750/10600  (if you are not using a Fortec Star LNBF, enter 10750)

    • 22K Switch:  Auto (this is can be used when you have a 22Khz switch connected)

    • DiSEqCOFF  (this is only used when you have a DiSEqC switch connected)

    • LNB Power:  ON

    • TP: Use THE DEFAULT value.  TIP: Make sure that you use a LIVE transponder when you go to the TP line.  To check which transponder frequencies are live, click here and select the satellite.

    • Positioner Settings:  NONE  (only use it when you have a HH Motor connected)


  6. Now adjust your dish alignment until you see the “Quality" bar appears in GREEN. Note: If you only see the signal bar in BLUE and no quality, that means your dish is receiving a signal, but it is not from the correct satellite.  It will always show this signal no matter where you aim your dish.  Only when you have a perfect alignment to the desired satellite is when you will see both the Signal and Quality turn GREEN as shown in the pictures above

  7. Once you have the highest signal strength on the “Quality” bar, scroll down to Satellite Scan and press OK.

  8. Press OK again when asked to save.

  9. The channel search will begin.

Congratulations, you just loaded your receiver!


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