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Home > Satellite Receivers > Dish Network Receivers > DISH 942



Dish-Player-DVR-942 remotesDISHPlayer-DVR 942 is the industry’s first dual-tuner high definition satellite receiver and integrated digital video recorder (DVR) with the ability to independently view programming on two televisions.

• View and record DISH Network high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) programming.
• View HD or up-converted SD content on TV1, SD or down-converted HD on TV2.
• Two satellite tuners provide user-selected viewing options, including:
• Single Mode: Picture-In-Picture (PIP) on any TV; record/watch two programs.
• Dual Mode: Separate live program viewing on two televisions. Independently view playback of any recorded SD or HD program at TV1 or TV2.
• Digital Video Recording features (see “DVR buttons” under Remote Controls).
• Records Dolby® Digital when available.
• View analog† and digital off-air broadcasts on TV1.
• Record digital off-air broadcasts on TV1 (playback on TV1 or TV2).
• TV1 output resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i (480i content is up-converted).
• Stereo Agile modulated output sends TV2’s signal to multiple televisions via the home coaxial cable distribution.
• DISH CommTM Technology† will allow phone and audio data to be sent throughout a home over existing power wiring. Requires only one phone line connection among all DISHComm-enabled receivers in a home.
• “dish home” Interactive TV – Access breaking news, sports scores, weather information, TV and movie buzz, convenient customer service, games and more…on-demand with the push of a button.
• On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with instant access to up to nine days of program listings and information. Includes new optional widescreen 3-hour format.


  • 2 satellite tuner inputs.
  • Remote antenna input for included antenna.
  • 1 telephone jack.
  • 3-prong power cord.
  • 1 USB 2.0 port.†
  • 1 ATSC antenna input for off-air analog†/digital broadcasts.

TV1 connections:

  • 1 HDTV digital audio/video output.
  • 1 set of HD Component (Y Pr Pb) video outputs.
  • 1 set RCA-type audio outputs.
  • 1 optical digital output for Dolby® Digital and PCM digital audio.

TV2 connections:

  • 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs.
  • 1 stereo Agile modulated output (channels 21-69; 73-125).

• Dimensions (approx.): H: 3.5“ x W: 16“ x D: 13“.
• Weight (approx.): 11 lbs.
• Color: Silver.
• Receiver Part Number 129996.

• 8‘ HDMI to DVI (TV1); DVI to HDMI adapter.
• 6‘ Component video (TV1).
• 8‘ RCA audio (TV1).
• 8‘ RCA A/V (TV2).
• 6‘ RG-59 (TV2).
• 25‘ RJ-11 phone cable.


  • One universal infrared (IR) 4-component remote control. Controls ”TV1“ (main TV location).
  • One universal UHF Pro configurable 4-component remote controls. Controls ”TV2“ (second TV location).
  • Universal 4-component remote control common features:
  • Control the satellite receiver through walls and other obstructions.
  • UHF Pro operating range of up to 200 feet (unobstructed).
  • Can be programmed to operate (via IR) up to three additional components such as TVs, VCRs and DVD players.\
  • AUX mode can be programmed to operate a second DISH Network satellite receiver via IR or UHF (not UHF Pro).

• DVR buttons: 30-sec. skip forward, 10-sec. skip back, stop, play, up to 1 hour pause each for TV1 and TV2, fast forward and reverse (4x, 15x, 60x, 300x), slow motion and frame-by-frame forward and back, record.
• Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functions to display, move or swap the PIP image in Single Mode.
• Dedicated ”TV Power“ button.
• ”Recover“ button toggles through TV and VCR inputs to help user return to satellite programming when they accidentally change channels on their TV or VCR.

• Digital Video Recorder
• 250 GB hard drive
• Recording Capacity
• SD up to 180 hours
• HD up to 25 hours
• Two satellite tuners
• Digital/Analog† off-air tuner
• Two independent TVs supported
• HDTV digital audio/video output*
• Two USB 2.0 ports†
• “dish home” Interactive TV
• Name-based recording
• Recorded events management
• Parental locks
• On-screen Caller ID with history1
• Up to 9-day Picture-In-Guide with widescreen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) option
• DISHPro Plus-compatible
• DISH CommTM compatible†
• Software upgradeable via satellite
• Remote controls (2)

1Requires Caller ID subscription with local phone company. Phone line must be connected to receiver.
*Compatible with HDMI-equipped televisions.
†Enabled by a future software upgrade.
Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories.

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