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With DISH Network’s PocketDISH service and the new Archos Generation 5 media players, it’s easy to watch your favorite shows anywhere you want.

DISH Network customers with
ViP722, ViP622, and ViP612 receivers can quickly transfer hours of TV programming from their DVRs to Archos 605 Wifi and Archos 705 Wifi models.


Frequently Asked Questions about the PocketDISH (Generation 5)

Q. What do I need to make my Archos Generation 5 device compatible with DISH Network?
A. Just go to and look under Plug-ins. Follow the instructions for the DISH Network plug-in. The plug-in and more information can be found here, and always make sure to choose “United States” in the “Choose Your Country” selector when visiting the site.

Q. Can I download the DISH Network Plug-in to any Archos device?
A. No, you can only download the plug-in to the Archos Generation 5 video products.

Q. What is the send time from a USB 2.0-capable DISH Network receiver to my Archos device?
A. An hour of content will send in about 5 minutes.

Q. Can I transfer content from any DISH Network receiver?
A. No, you can only transfer digital content from a
ViP612, ViP622™ or ViP722™ DVR receiver. At this time, other receivers will only work with the analog docking station (sold separately). See copy protection for limitations on this feature.

Q. Can I record content from a DISH Network receiver that doesn't have a compatible USB connection?
A. Yes, using the composite input connections on the optional docking station. Record time is real time (e.g. a half-hour show will take a half-hour to record).

Q. Can I send DISH Network high-definition content to my Archos device?
A. No, only standard-definition content can be sent.

Q. Can I send DISH On Demand content to my Archos device?
A. No.

Q. In what format is video content stored?
A. Content sent from the USB 2.0 port of a DISH Network DVR is MPEG-2. Content recorded from the A/V inputs is encoded by the Archos Device and stored as MPEG-4. Other video content from a PC is stored in its native format (e.g. MPEG-4 AVI).

Q. What happens when my Archos device hard drive is full?
A. If you try to send content from your DISH Network receiver and there is not enough space available on the Archos device, you'll receive a pop-up message. You'll have to delete programs before you can send any more.

Q. Can I transfer content from a DISH Network DVR to my Archos device, and then transfer that content to my friend's DISH Network DVR?
A. No, the content can only be sent from a DISH Network DVR to the Archos device. The content cannot be transferred back to your DVR or another DISH Network DVR.

Q. Can I transfer content from a DISH Network DVR to my Archos device, and then transfer the content to a computer for playback?
A. You can transfer content from an Archos device to store on your computer, but you may not play it back on your computer, or anywhere but the originating Archos device. You can, however, transfer the content from your computer back to your Archos device for viewing and playback.

Q. I have parental control locks on my DVR recorded content. Will I have to enter my password to send a locked program to my Archos device?
A. Yes, you'll need to enter your password before you can send content. On the Archos device you will need to set up locks and a password - the locks from your DVR content do not transfer over.

Q. Does Archos device support Closed Captioning?
A. No.

Q. Can I use my dual-tuner receiver in either Single Mode or Dual Mode to send content to my Archos device?
A. Yes, but only from TV1 - the Multimedia menu option is grayed-out in Dual Mode on TV2.

Q. Can I send photos stored on my receiver's hard drive to my Archos device?
A. No.

Q. DISH Network receivers get their software upgraded via satellite. Can the Archos device also be upgraded?
A. This feature is not enabled at this time. Go to to get the latest software updates.

Q. When I connect my Archos Device to my television to watch my DISH Network recordings, will the quality be similar to watching it from my DVR?
A. Yes.





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