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Model Super Buddy™
Satellite Meter 

Super Buddy Satellite Signal Meter

No Longer available.

Check the new model Super Buddy 21 here


  • New revised version of the Super Buddy that comes standard with a USB PC connection (instead of the previous 9 pin serial) and has a higher current limit level of 750 mA (the previous current limit level now was 625 mA).
  • Compatible with the DIRECTV SWM-5 and SWM-8 technology. Read more..
  • Required the SWiM Kick 21 (not included) to work with SWM type dishes.


  • Field Replaceable F - connectors (barrel connectors)
  • Calibrated Signal Level (dBm, dBmV or dBµV)
  • Holds ALL satellites and ALL their transponders
  • Field Guide software updates are available as free downloads from the internet.
  • Ability to LOCK on WildBlue internet satellite and able to identify relevant geographic-specific WildBlue spot beam based on your Zip Code
  • Ability to LOCK on new Dish Network 118.7 and 129 satellites with 8PSK signals
  • Ability to do new DirecTV AU9 Ka Ku Installs (Can LOCK on and display signal strength for 101, 110, and 119 and will display signal strength for 99 and 103)
  • Ability to do new DirecTV MFH1 Installs
  • Ability to control new Zinwell 6x8 Multiswitch
  • Ability to save proof of performance readings (actual signal level & quality measurements) and then upload them to your PC to give to the head office
  • BER (Bit Error Rate, Reed Solomon)
  • Zip Code Lookup - Ability to obtain needed azimuth, magnetic heading, and elevation for antenna install preparations based on your Zip Code
  • Tunable to individual transponders
  • Quick Charge Battery
  • Ability to manually enter new custom satellites using front panel keypad (ideal for lab use or military classified satellite use)
  • Rugged durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards and weatherproof gaskets
  • Troubleshooting ability (Can display Voltage supplied by IRD and Current drawn by LNB)
  • Works with both normal and stacked frequency plans
  • Current Limit Level of 600 mA; This is enough juice to power even the Dish Pro Plus 3 LNB setup and the Dish 1000.2, which are the "current hogs" of the industry

Ideal for Use with the Following Systems:

  • Dish Network (including new Dish Network 118.7 and 129)
  • DirecTV (including new DirecTV AT9 KaKu & MFH1 Systems)
  • Bell ExpressVu
  • Tachyon
  • All Low Ku Band FSS Satellites (i.e., Globecast / WorldTV/ Galaxy Satellites)
  • DirecWay / HughesNet
  • DTN
  • Star Band
  • Star Choice
  • WildBlue/ Telesat
  • Custom
  • Stacked LNB / L-Band (i.e. Sonora systems, NAS systems, etc.)

Click here to see list of supported satellites contained in each
Super Buddy™ regional Field Guide


  • ID the satellite by "align-to-lock" or "automatic scan"
  • Positive ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Geo-sensitive "Field Guide" software stores all satellites and transponders per global region
  • Zip code entry provides antenna azimuth and vertical angle settings
  • Field replaceable connectors
  • Audible tone for signal lock and peak
  • Tunable to individual transponders
  • Quick charge battery with universal AC or vehicle 12 VDC
  • Controls multi-LNBs/switches with 22kHz/DiSEqC
  • Easy to use single function front panel buttons
  • Displays cross-pole value from DIRECWAY modems
  • Able to manually enter new satellites using front panel keypad
  • Computer interface for future upgrades
  • Rugged durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards


  • VSAT installations
  • Site surveys
  • Commercial installations
  • Single family home installations
  • Multiple dwelling unit (apartment and condominium) system installations and alignments


  • Signal Level (dBm, dBmV or dBµV) with present and peak bargraph
  • Signal Quality (displayed with familiar IRD value with present and peak bargraph or as C/N, Eb/No, or Es/No)
  • Carrier/Noise Ratio (dB)
  • Bit Error Rate (Post-FEC, Reed Solomon)
  • Voltage supplied by IRD
  • Current drawn by LNB


  • Frequency range 950 to 2150 MHz
  • Tuning resolution Individual Transponders
  • Signal level range -70 to -10 dBm (-21 to +39 dBmV) (+39 to +99 dBµV)
  • Signal lock formats DSS, DVB-S, Digicipher 2, Dish 8PSK
  • Impedance 75 Ohm
  • LNB power 13 VDC for V/R, 18 VDC for H/L, Current limited at 750 mA
  • Switch control 22 kHz, DiSEqC, DISH Legacy
  • Battery Rechargeable NiMH 7.2V, 3.0 Ah
  • Run time/charge 3 hours for a single LNB (depends on LNB current draw)
  • Universal AC charger 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, fast charge and then trickle
  • Vehicle Charger 12 VDC
  • Computer interface Serial Port (Com 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6)
  • RF Connector Double-F barrel field replaceable
  • Size (W x H x D) 6.8" x 6.4" x 3.2" (17.3cm) x (16.3cm) x (5.8cm)
  • Weight 3.45 lbs. (1.6 kg)
  • Operating temperature 0°F to 125°F (-17°C to 51°C)
  • Standard Accessories Shoulder strap
  • AC Line Cord for charging battery (Universal 100 to 240 VAC Transformer is built into the meter)
  • Automobile cigarette-lighter adapter battery charge cord
  • Operator’s Manual with data download instructions

Optional Accessories

[ Blue Bunny ] Blue Bunny 32v Voltage Step-Up - for use with Wildblue & Telesat / Anikast / Xplornet installations
SWiM Kick 21 Voltage Step-Up for Super Buddy Satellite Signal Meter SWiM Kick 21V Voltage Step-Up for DirecTV SWM dish installations.


Additional Resources

Super Buddy™ Data Sheet

Super Buddy™ Operation Manual

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Installing a Galaxy 25 dish using the Super Buddy meter

Installing a Dish 1000 antenna using the Super Buddy meter

Installing a Dish 1000 Plus antenna using the Super Buddy meter

Installing a DirecTV AU9/AT9 KA/KU antenna using the Super Buddy meter

Using DPP44 MultiSwitch with the Super Buddy meter



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