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Downstream Multi-Rate Technology Compatibility. The BirDog Ultra is Multi-Rate Downstream Technology Compatible and will directly on to the next generation of WildBlue™ services as they are introduced over the next few months, eventually the whole WildBlue™ network will adopt the Multi Rate Downstream Technology making some other meters obsolete.

Spectrum Display
The spectrum display capability is a useful additional feature for fault finding and trouble shooting installations allowing you to see the presence of carriers. Used in conjunction with the extensive custom carrier feature you can quickly examine a carrier using the spectrum mode.

All in one Zip Code look up
The new Zip Code feature enables you to quickly enter your installation site Zip Code to obtain your look angles and is pre-loaded as one complete table. Zip Code updates are also available as a single download via the BirDog Ultra support web site.

Expanded Measurement Display
The BirDog ultra also features an expanded measurement display for use with WildBlue Installations. This allows for extremely fine adjustment to maximize the performance of the WildBlue Ka-Band ODU antenna assembly optimizing the signal available and maximizing the system performance.

Complete Power Solution.
The BirDog Ultra provides an all in one power solution without the need for the purchase of additional power step up devices. The BirDog Ultra is equipped with a dual mode power supply delivering 13, 18, 21, and 30 Volts enabling the direct powering of LNB assemblies such as the DIRECTV® SWM™ and WildBlue ODU utilizing the latest Li-Po Lithium Polymer battery technology providing up to 6 hours of battery life: ensuring it will be ready when you need it!

Constellation Diagram
The constellation diagram is useful tool for troubleshooting and detection of faults (usually caused by faulty equipment introducing noise).

Constellation Diagram
The constellation diagram is useful tool for troubleshooting and detection of faults (usually caused by faulty equipment introducing noise).

Shock-Resistant Case
A tough ABS plastic case envelops your Birdog Ultra in a tough hard sleeve shock-resistant shell.

User Friendly
Any one who has used a BirDog will already be familiar with using the BirDog Ultra as the easy to use menu system has been expanded upon to take advantage of the new additional features that the BirDog Ultra offers.



BIRDOG ULTRA Features & Benefits

Take on any installation with the best tool in the business. It has twice the memory for satellite locations, USB port, Easy-to-Read display with Digital Enhanced Graphics, One-Touch Buttons for easy use, Up to 6 hours on a full charge, Spanish Language option, and recalls the last satellite position upon power-up.

Other features and improved capabilities include:

  • DTV SWM histogram function
    Up to 9 simultaneous carrier (frequency) measurements
  • USB Connectivity
  • Easy-to-Read Display with Digital Enhanced Graphics
  • Twice the Satellite Memory Positions
  • One-Touch Buttons Easy to Use
  • More Battery Life Up to 6 Hours on Full Charge
  • Spanish Language Display Option
  • Recalls Last Satellite Position upon Power-up
  • Digital Data Stream Identification  
  • Spectrum Analyzer  Clear and easy to use
  • QPSK constellation diagram Detailed diagnosis of digital satellite signals
  • Custom carrier Create your own file while on site and see it ‘lock’ 
  • Data log Upload your installation readings to your pc
  • LNB/Cable Test Measure for open or short circuit in LNB & cable
  • Dual display for DTV 101/119 See two satellites at one time, also works with SWM

BIRDOG Accessories

The BIRDOG comes with all the accessories you need in the box.
Accessories in the Box:

  • Internal Battery / Protective Case
  • D.C. Auto Charger
  • A/C Charger Cord
  • USB Interface Cord
  • PortSaver
  • FREE Johnson Level Angle Finder ($10 value)

Birdog Meter Advanced Tech Info

Download Full tech Tips


If you are a  professional installers and want a finder that can identify a particular satellite, then this is the one!  Also a great tool for mobile UPLINKERs

Also check our Satellite Meter Kit Bundles

How does it work?

It communicates with the satellite's digital transmissions with "Unique Satellite Information Data" (USID).  While most pointing devices only give you a general idea that there are indeed satellites in the sky and allow you to peak the signal, the BIRDOG takes you one step further by positively identifying the satellite.  

Easily identify all 2 way Broadband Satellites like Hughesnet, DirecWAY and Starband. You select the satellite from the menu, move your dish until the BIRDOG says "Found". Indicates raw signal level and digital data error rates at the same time for best dish alignment and cross polarity adjustment. 

  • Why drag a TV and satellite receiver to the roof, when you can do the whole job with just a small and easy to carry tool like this! 

  • At less than 2 lbs in weight, you can carry it anywhere you want.

  • It has a LOOP OUT to connect to your receiver if you wish. 

  • Don't waste your valuable time or money on cheaper analog meters.  Use this professional meter for all your installations.  This digital satellite meter will maximize the number installations any installer can perform in a day and is very easy to use.

  • What used to take half an hour to an hour now takes a few minutes to find and peak the signal! Time is valuable, why waste it!

  • Improve your service call efficiency and speed.



  • We RECOMMEND THAT THE INITIAL BATTERY CHARGING IS TO BE A MINIMUM OF 6-12 HOURS. By charging the battery for 12 hours, enables the cells to balance out, this enables the batteries to operate 100 %. This is also applicable in a Meter that has not been used for 6 month.  Don not over-charge.

  • Testing also revealed that in extremely cold weather (around 34 degrees and below) the battery level could drop as low as 10% of the original charge if the meter (and LNB) were left exposed for an extended length of time.

  • We recommend to keep the meter battery charged as high as possible in extreme weather. 

  • Keep the meter (and LNB if practical) warm until time for use.

  • Battery is guaranteed not to be DOA (Dead on arrival, i.e. non functional).  

  • The Mfg warranty does not cover the battery.  See return policy about batteries.

Satellites supported:

The BIRDOG satellite menu can be reprogrammed to include only the satellites you are interested in (stores up to 64 Satellite locations).  With the purchase of this meter you will be able to download satellite information and update your BIRDOG via the web (very easy and takes about 2 minutes). The list of satellites supported below is subject to change without advance notice.

---------- KU-Band ----------
KV Telstar-12 15 West
KH Telstar-12 15 West
KH NSS-7 22 West
KV Hispasat-1C 30 West
KH Hispasat-1C 30 West
KV Intelsat-801 31.5 West
KV IS-1R 45 West
KH IS-1R 45 West
KV AMC-6 72 West
KH AMC-6 72 West
KH Horizons-2 74 West
KH AMC-5 79 West
KV AMC-9 83 West
KH AMC-9 83 West
KH AMC-16 85 West
KV AMC-3 87 West
KH AMC-3 87 West
KV Galaxy-28 89 West
KH Galaxy-28 89 West
KV Galaxy-11 91 West
KH Galaxy-11 91 West
KV Galaxy-26 93 West
KH Galaxy-26 93 West
KV Galaxy-3C 95 West
KH Galaxy-3C 95 West
KV Galaxy-25 97 West
KH Galaxy-25 97 West
KV Galaxy-16 99 West
KH Galaxy-16 99 West
KV AMC-4 101 West
KH AMC-4 101 West
KV AMC-1 103 West
KH AMC-1 103 West
KV AMC-15 105 West
KH AMC-15 105 West
KV Anik-F2 111.1 West
KV Satmex-6 113 West
KH Satmex-6 113 West
KV Satmex-5 116.8 West
KH Satmex-5 116.8 West
KV Echostar-9 121 West
KH Echostar-9 121 West
KV Galaxy-10R 123 West
KH Galaxy-10R 123 West
KV Horizons-1 127 west
KH Horizons-1 127 west
KV Galaxy-27 129 West
KH Galaxy-27 129 West

----- Named services -----
BR Dishnetwork 61.5 West
KV HNS AMC-6 72 west
KH HNS AMC-6 72 west
KH Starband AMC-6 72 West
BL DirecTv 72.5 West
KH HNS Horizons-2 74 west
BR ExpressVu Nimiq-2 82 West
KV HNS AMC-9 83 west
KH HNS AMC-9 83 west
KV HNS AMC-3 87 west
KH HNS AMC-3 87 west
KV HNS G28 89 west
KH HNS G28 89 west
KV HNS G11 91 west
KH HNS G11 91 west
BL ExpressVu Nimiq-1 91 West
KV HNS G26 93 west
KH HNS G26 93 west
KV HNS G3C 95 West
KH HNS G3C 95 west
KH HNS Galaxy-16 .74 99 West
KH HNS Galaxy-16 .98 99 West
KH Starband AMC-4 101 West
DTV Ka/Ku 3G 101 West
SuperDish 105 West
BL DirecTv 110 West (single LNB)
BR DishNetwork 110 West
DishPro 110 West
KV HNS SM6 113 west
KH HNS SM6 113 west
KV HNS SM5 116 west
KH HNS SM5 116 west
BR Dish500+ 118.7 West (10.75GHz)
DTV Ka/Ku 3G 119 West
DishPro 119 West
BL DishNetwork 119 West
SuperDish 121 West
KV HNS Hor1 127 west
KH HNS Hor1 127 west
BR DishNetwork 129 West
KV StarBand Galaxy-27 129 West
KH StarBand Galaxy-27 129 West
BR DishNetwork 148 West

---------- C-Band ----------
CR Intelsat-907 27.5 West
CV Intelsat-805 55.5 West
CH Intelsat-805 55.5 West
CV Intelsat-9 58 West
CH Intelsat-9 58 West
CH Amazonas 61 West
CV AMC-6 72 West
CV AMC-3 87 West
CH AMC-3 87 West
CH Galaxy-28 89 West
CV Galaxy-11 91 West
CH Galaxy-11 91 West
CH Galaxy-26 93 West
CV Galaxy-3C 95 West
CH Galaxy-3C 95 West
CV Galaxy-25 97 West
CV Galaxy-16 99 West
CH Galaxy-16 99 West
CV AMC-4 101 West
CH AMC-4 101 West
CH Anik-F2 111.1 West
CV AMC-1 103 West
CH AMC-1 103 West
CH AMC-18 105 West
CV Anik-F1R 107.3 West
CH Anik-F1R 107.3 West
CH SatMex-6 113 West
CH SatMex-5 116.8 West
CV SatMex-5 116.8 West
CV Echostar-9 121 West
CH Echostar-9 121 West
CV Galaxy-10R 123 West
CH Galaxy-10R 123 West
CV Galaxy-14 125 West
CH Galaxy-14 125 West
CV Horizons-1 127 West
CH Horizons-1 127 West
CV AMC-11 131 West
CH AMC-11 131 West
CV Galaxy-15 133 West
CH Galaxy-15 133 West
CV AMC-10 135 West
CH AMC-10 135 West
CV AMC-7 137 West
CH AMC-7 137 West
CH AMC-8 139 West

------ Universal KU LNB ------
UV Telstar-12 15 West
UH Telstar-12 15 West
UH NSS-7 22 West
UV Hispasat-1C 30 West
UH Hispasat-1C 30 West
UV Intelsat 801 31.5 West
UH Intelsat 801 31.5 West
UH Intelsat 3R 43 West
UV PAS-1R 45 West
UH PAS-1R 45 West
UH Intelsat-705 50 West
UV AMC-6 72 West
UH AMC-6 72 West
UH SBS-6 74 West
UV AMC-5 79 West
UH AMC-5 79 West
UV AMC-9 83 West
UH AMC-9 83 West
UV AMC-3 87 West
UH AMC-3 87 West
UV IA-8 89 West
UH IA-8 89 West
UV Galaxy-11 91 West
UH Galaxy-11 91 West
UV IA-6 93 West
UH IA-6 93 West
UV Galaxy-3C 95 West
UH Galaxy-3C 95 West
UV Galaxy-25 97 West
UH Galaxy-25 97 West
UV Galaxy-4R 99 West
UH Galaxy-4R 99 West
UV AMC-4 101 West
UH AMC-4 101 West
UV AMC-1 103 West
UH AMC-1 103 West
UV AMC-15 105 West
UH AMC-15 105 West
UV Anik-F2 111.1 West
UV Satmex-6 113 West
UH Satmex-6 113 West
UV Satmex-5 116.8 West
UH Satmex-5 116.8 West
UV Echostar-9 121 West
UH Echostar-9 121 West
UV Galaxy-10R 123 West
UH Galaxy-10R 123 West

---- Customer Specific ----
KV G-26 DMX 93 West ( Test )
UV Skyway AMC-4 101 West
KV PAS-2 NEA 169
KV PAS-2 AUS 169
KV Galaxy-10R HNS Shim Kit Test 2
KH AMC-2 Test 1
KH AMC-2 Test 2
KH Galaxy-10R HNS Shim Kit Test 1
KV Galaxy 11 (Shim Kit) HNS
KH Galaxy 11 (Shim Kit) HNS

A note on the Custom Carrier feature – you can build one personal custom file into the memory of your BirDog by entering the transponder parameters needed for a lock - specifically the frequency, symbol rate, FEC, etc.

The satellite transponder parameters may be furnished by the company ordering the satellite dish alignment and you should seek their assistance first, but due to the immense number of possible combinations:

We do NOT provide Custom Carrier parameters.

One possible research source of satellite transponder parameter information is

The Configure page of Birdog website has the more common satellite parameters already listed and available for download directly to the memory of your BirDog.

Data Log Reader

See below for the instructions for using the Data Log Reader.  

Log Reader Instructions.pdf

Before using the Data Log Reader, you must first download & extract the following zip file program to your computer.



Optional Step-Up Power Supplies:

[ Blue Bunny ] Blue Bunny 32v Voltage Step-Up - for use with Wildblue & Telesat / Anikast / Xplornet installations
SWiM Kick 21 Voltage Step-Up for Super Buddy Satellite Signal Meter SWiM Kick 21V Voltage Step-Up for DirecTV SWM dish installations.

Sadoun PowerTech DG240 HH Motor

HH Motors

ACTUATOR SuperJack Dish Motors


V-Box Positioner Controller



Motorized Dish Kits


[ Super Buddy ]

Super Buddy



Birdog ULTRA

SatHawk 4000 digital Satellite Signal Meter Identifier

SatHawk 5000



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