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Payment Method Accepted (US$)  USA Customers International Customers Order ships within

Credit or Debit Cards

  24 Hrs if shipping & billing addresses are the same.  Expect delays if shipping address is different than billing address. In this case shipping address will have to be confirmed before processing your order.


(up to $100 limit only) Shipping to confirmed address only. Same as above

Google Checkout

(up to $100 limit only) Same as above

Check by mail

  10-14 days

Money Orders (US$)

3-4 days or upon receipt

Wire Transfer

24Hrs or upon receipt

Western Union

2-3 days or upon receipt

Sadoun products are available to General Services Administration. We have over 800 products available for our government customers. We serve the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines as well as all branches of the federal government.

usflag.gif (76x43 -- 3069 bytes) USA Customers Only:

Online and Phone Orders:

Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards:

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard Logo on the front.  Use our secure online shopping cart, or call us Toll-Free at 888-527-9888 to place your order with your credit card.  


Fraud prevention:

When using our shopping cart, we utilize the following features to prevent fraud and to protect us and our customers.

Address Verification System (AVS)

AVS is a verification system that compares the billing/invoice address information provided by the customer online with the billing address on file at the customer’s credit card issuing bank. Our processor reports the AVS Response Code to accept or reject the transaction.  

• Card Verification Number:

This is a three or four-digit security code that is printed on your card. The value appears in reverse italic at the top of the signature panel on the back of the card, or just above the end of the card number on the front of the card. The additional numbers provide an extra measure of security against unauthorized transactions. We require the Card Verification Number for American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard transactions. The card would need to be present for the purchaser to know the number, as it is not stored on any system outside of the credit card issuers’.  Our system rejects transactions where the code provided by the cardholder is invalid. 

 Learn More  AMEX: 4 digits
AMEX: 4 digits
 Visa or MC: 3 digits
Visa,MC,DISCOVER: 3 digits



When using the shopping cart, your BILLING (Invoice To) address should match with the billing address on file at your credit card issuing bank. If not, your credit card transaction will be declined by our system.  If your transaction is declined, please correct your addresses and wait at least 1 minutes before resubmitting again.  If shipping address is different than your billing address, then see note below!  This also applies for PO box addresses.  Since FedEX/UPS do not ship to PO Box addresses, we still need a physical address.



Our policy is to ship to a confirmed or verifiable billing address on file with your credit card company only. If you requests that we ship to a different address, we require one of the following, where allowed by law, to prove identity:

First Option: Add your shipping address to your credit card account:

  • You can contact your bank (the customer service phone # is on the back of the credit card you used for your order)

  • Ask them to add your shipping address to your account as a secondary address. They will usually add it to the notes section of your account.

  • We will then need you to email us the phone number for your bank so that we can contact them and verify that your shipping address is on file.

  • Please reference your order number when emailing us. 

  • If you haven't placed your order yet, you can add a note in the "Notes" section of the shopping cart. for us to call your bank (enter their phone number). 

Second Option (where allowed by law): Credit Card verification form :  If you don't select option one above, but still want us to ship to an alternate address than your billing address, then:

  • You should complete and fax back to us the credit card verification form  along with legible copies of your credit card.

  • Fax completed form to sales at FAX# 281-239-8934.

    • This form is also required for all business and dealers accounts and will remain on file for future orders. 

    • If you change your credit card number, we will need a new form for each card you will use with us.

Third Option: If you change your mind and you want us to ship to your billing address, then you could inform us by email to ship your order to your billing address.

These types of security measures are unfortunately necessary in an online environment where it is difficult to check someone's identity. In the physical world, sellers can check someone's credit card and driver's license. In the online world, where simple and effective identification tools do not yet exist, we have to take different precautions. We believe that these safety precautions are in the interest of all our customers.

If you have questions, please call our customer service line at 888-527-9888  M-F 9am-7pm EST.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. 

We at would like to make it more convenient for our customers to buy from us.  We have added the Paypal Express Checkout which offers a "wallet" capability that allows customers the option to pay quickly through PayPal.

Sample Screen

This payment option gives buyers more convenience.  After adding the items to the shopping cart and selecting the shipping method prefered, the customer then clicks on the "Checkout with Paypal" button and pay.   Customers simply log in to use the billing information stored in their PayPal account and does not have to enter payment details or shipping information on our site. Customers will save time by completing transactions in fewer steps. If customer does not have a Paypal account, they can simply open a new account with Paypal after you press that button.

If customer prefers to pay directly on our website using the standard checkout method, they can certainly do so by continuing with the standard checkout process by clicking on the "GO TO PAYMENT" button. 

Either way, the information we collect is encrypted and securely transmitted through the system.

Our PayPal email address is:

Payment by PayPal is backed by a 30 Days PayPal Money Back Guarantee.  To learn more about the PayPal Money Back Guarantee, go to the Money Back Guarantee page

Orders paid for using PayPal can not be processed until payment is sent from your account. Shipment will only be delivered to a address allowed by Paypal

Check or Money Order (US$ Currency only) by Mail:

You can place your mail-order on this website using the shopping cart.  When you get to the payment method screen, select "Check" or "Money Order" and click continue.  We will email you a receipt for your order.  Write the shopper id number on the MEMO field of your check or money order. 


Notice that if you pay by Personal or Business Check, your order may be held for up to 10 days after we receive your check to allow enough time for the check to clear.  If you want us to ship faster upon receipt of your payment, then we recommend your send a money order or Cashier's check.


Money Order (US$ Currency Only):


We accept several forms of money orders from customers.  Make sure your money order is in US$ funds to avoid any delays. 


US or Canadian postal Service Money Orders You can buy it at any post office.
canadian_bad_mo.jpg (116x62 -- 10057 bytes) Regular Wal Mart or Bank Money Orders You can buy it at your bank, nearest Grocery Store, or Wal Mart. Money orders are offered at all Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Wal-Mart offers great prices, security and convenience.
MoneyGram eMoney
  • Fast way to send your money online - typically arriving within minutes.
  • Convenient - use your credit card from your home or office
    Safe - secure online transaction
western-union-logo-lg.gif (242x55 -- 6349 bytes) Western Union Money Transfer (For online orders) You can buy it online or at any grocery store.  They will ask you for a person's name, put: Sadoun Sales

Once you have made the payment the Western Union Agent will issue a unique transaction identification number known as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). This is your confirmation.  Please email the MTCN number with your name, as shown on the money order, and order number to


Please make all Checks or Money Orders (US$ Currency Only)

to the order of:


SADOUN Enterprises LLC

4911 Avenue H

Rosenber, TX 77471






canadaFLAG.gif (64x44 -- 2576 bytes) International Customers (including Canadians):

Because AVS online filter doesn't screen foreign addresses, we don't accept credit card or Paypal payments from outside the USA. So, if you want to order from our website, you will have to pay by Money Order or Wire Transfer.  See below for more details.  If you use a foreign issued credit card on our website, your bank may put a hold on the total amount of the order, even though our system will decline your order.

Do we ship to CANADA or any other country?

Yes, we do.  We will try to ship the item using the US Postal service. However, if the item is over the USPS size limit, then we will have to ship it by FedEX international economy.  Notice that we can only ship using YOUR FedEX or UPS account #.  If you don't have one, get an account at or

If you do not provide us with your UPS or FedEX account number, then you order will be cancelled.  Any custom duties, brokerage fees, taxes, or any other expenses at the CANADIAN side are the responsibilities of the customer. 


Wire Transfer:


We accept wire transfer from domestic and foreign customers.  Notice that the wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.  Our bank charges us $12 to process an incoming wire transfer.  That fee must be added to the order and should be included in your payment.


To Order This Item Click Here!

Add Wire Transfer incoming fee


Contact us with your order number to inquire about this payment option.

Secure Websites:                    Paymen1.gif (134x41 -- 1770 bytes)

Whenever entering sensitive personal information (such as checking account or credit card numbers) onto any website, make sure that the website encrypts the information you send to, and receive from, the site.   Here at, when you reach the screen that asks you to enter your credit card information, you will always be on a secure website.  You can check that in two ways:

  • Check to make sure the URL begins with "https" rather than "http"
  • Look for a lock icon on the bottom left or bottom right of your browser,
    which should look like this:

Sadoun2.JPG (192x144 -- 12879 bytes)


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