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MKit-1 90cm Motorized FTA Satellite Dish Set:
36" Free To Air KU Band Satellite Dish Antenna GeosatPro 90cm

Stab HH90 Motor

Installation Help

Quick Setup Sheet

Mkit-1 Bundled System Includes


Multistar MS90 Motor


90T GeosatPro 36" Offset KU Band Dish


ULN1: Sadoun Universal Linear Single Ku 0.4 dB LNBF


Universal wall mount

Inc. with dish

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These kits will allow you to move the dish to several satellites to search and view for more channels.  These combo kits will work with any FTA receiver that has DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, Goto X or USALS capability. A powerful solution if your favorite channels are spread over several satellites. Take full control of your FTA receiver and enjoy more FTA channels.

n Satellite System Self Install Kit
All you need to install a satellite dish. Excellent value

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Motorized Satellite System Installation Video


Vu Qube V10

Vu Qube

Note:  Complete system above does not include RG6 coaxial cable. Your professional installer will provide coaxial cable or you could buy coaxial cable separately as needed. If Universal ULN1 0.4dB Single KU LNBF is not available in stock it will be substituted with KUL1: Sadoun Standard Linear Single Ku 0.4 dB LNBF (10750). Both LNBFs perform the same way.  Installation of the system is entirely your responsibility. Guidelines and tips provided on this website are intended to help you achieve a successful installation of your new satellite system. We are not responsible for installing any equipment you buy on our website. You are advised to consult a professional installer if you need more support.

  • * Mounting the H180 to the 6' dish will require two 24" Square Tube that are not supplied with this kit.  You can get these at Home Depot or you can use the tubes included with the dish for the floor mount.  You will need to cut it to length and drill holes in these tubes to mount the motor.  See sample picture here http://pumanews.com/cband/Photos_files/IMG_0182.jpg
  • You will also need 3" diameter post to mount this kit on. The mast should be at least 5' above ground.
  • See forum discussion about this kit.

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  • Truck Lift gate (optional):  Additional $25 on top of Shipping and handling (we recommend that you pick up the dish yourself off the truck when it is delivered to you. Otherwise this charge will be added)